Trello Import From Google Spreadsheet - V2.0

I've had a few requests to improve the Google spreadsheet that allows you to import data into Trello, and this has culminated in Version 2.0 of the spreadsheet.

The new version has the following improvements:

  1. It has been converted to use the new Google Sheets.
  2. You can specify Label names, rather than colours.
  3. There is the ability to import any number of checklists.

Get More Accurate Burndown Chart For Jira

...This worked well until the team decided that they wanted to try using Jira - it worked well for them, but not for me as I had a good setup with the spreadsheet which gave me the exact information I needed, and had the burndown chart working exactly as I wanted - it took into account variations of hours available during the sprint (Some days were meeting heavy for example), which made it much more useful for checking the team's progress, and seeing if corrective action was required...

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Automatically Import Jira Backlog Into Google Spreadsheet can give read-only access to your Jira projects to the whole world (without requiring a login), but you might run into problems if your competitors got hold of the url, so that didn't seem like a great solution.

I therefore decided to use the Jira Rest API to import the backlog into a Google Spreadsheet, which could then be shared with just our organisation...

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Add Enhanced Workflow To Trello

... a month ago I released a Google Apps Script that allowed you to Pimp your Trello cards by automatically adding checklists, descriptions and Google Docs (based on a template card), and assigning cost estimates to cards. I received some excellent feedback on what would improve the script and am pleased to announce that Pimp your Trello 2.0 is now available...

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Pimp Your Trello Cards

...I therefore turned to Google Apps Script, and the Trello API to come up with the Pimp Your Trello Cards spreadsheet which has the following features:

  • Runs immediately (Using Webhooks) to pimp any new cards added to a board.
  • Runs hourly to re-pimp all cards on the board, in case any webhooks failed, or if the pimping requirements have changed.
  • The pimping of a card involves:
    • Adding  a "cost" to a card title based on the story points on the card (If you're using Scrum For Trello) - This also happens immediately if you change the card description.
    • Creating (in specified folders) and then attaching multiple Google Docs.
    • Adding a description (based on a template card) if it's missing (e.g. "As a I want to so that").
    • Adding any missing (based on name) checklists that appear on a template card.
    • Adding missing checklist items that appear on an identically named checklist on a template card.
    • Removing identical checklist items that are "checked" on the template card.
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Quickly Open Source Members In Rational

... I've been using Rational to edit CLLE and RPGLE source for some years now, but if I wanted to quickly view a specific source member I would often fall back to a Client Access session, and use one of our custom commands, DS (Display Source) to quickly display the member in SEU. Our DS command determines the source library, file, and member used to create an object, and then opens it, so it's a really fast way to view the source for any object. That being said, viewing source in Rational is so much better than using SEU, so I wanted to find a quick way of opening a member that I was interested in...

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Gmail Snooze Without MailboxApp

...Assuming that there were probably other people who would like to snooze (Desktop Gmailers or members of the tinfoil-hat-wearing-brigade not wanting to hand over control of their email to a 3rd party) , I hacked together Gmail Snooze v1.0. My aim was to make it as simple to implement and use as possible: I did consider publishing it as a web app, but I felt it was important that the script be visible so that people could see what was happening to their Gmail....

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