Trello Backup 3.0

When I created the original Trello Backup a little over 2 years ago, it was primarily to ensure that we had a copy of our data, in the event that Trello was ever unavailable, but I've copied and customised it many times since then for a variety of reasons:

  • To extract only the cards from our Current Sprint list - this made printing cards much easier.
  • To extract the cards from our Pending Release list - this made viewing the release instructions stored on the cards that are awaiting deployment much easier.
  • To email a daily spreadsheet that contained any cards that had unchecked items on a checklist called questions. If there were no cards in the report, the email was not sent.

I also had various requests to be able to filter the cards backed up by list, member, or label so I thought it was time to bring out a new version of the spreadsheet using the new Google Sheets, that had the advanced filtering options, along with the emailing functionality I'd added.

You can find Trello Backup 3.0 here.



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