Add Enhanced Workflow To Trello

About a month ago I released a Google Apps Script that allowed you to Pimp your Trello cards by automatically adding checklists, descriptions and Google Docs (based on a template card), and assigning cost estimates to cards. I received some excellent feedback on what would improve the script and am pleased to announce that Pimp Your Trello Cards 2.0 is now available.

The additional features include:

  • Ability to have different pimping rules for cards on different lists - this allows for Google Docs and Checklists to be added to cards when they move lists, providing enhanced workflow features for Trello.
  • Newly created Google Docs are copies of those attached to the template cards, meaning that they are stored in the same directory as the source document, and can be created with skeleton content.
  • The name of the Google Docs now contain the card title, and they get updated automatically if you rename the cards.

If you're already using an earlier version of Pimp My Trello Cards, then you can find instructions on how to update/replace your script in this post. The setup is pretty much the same as in the original script, but with a few minor differences that are hopefully clear in the instructions.

As I said, I had some great feedback on the original script, so if you have any more, then the best place to contact me is on Twitter.

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