Automatically Import Jira Backlog Into Google Spreadsheet

The Scrum Guide says that the Product Owner should ensure that "the Product Backlog is visible, transparent, and clear to all, and shows what the Scrum Team will work on next".  

Since our Development Team is in a different geographical location to the Product Owner and the rest of the business, this means we have an online Backlog in Jira, and would have to buy an awful lot of licences just to allow even half the people in our business to view the Backlog.

You can give read-only access to your Jira projects to the whole world (without requiring a login), but you might run into problems if your competitors got hold of the url, so that didn't seem like a great solution.

I therefore decided to use the Jira Rest API to import the backlog into a Google Spreadsheet, which could then be shared with just our organisation.

You can find the spreadsheet here - just follow the instructions on the first sheet. We use Jira On Demand, but I'm guessing it would also work on self-hosted Jira implementations (Let me know if it doesn't).

The spreadsheet also uses some existing code from my Trello Backup Script that allows you to generate story cards that you can print out and stick onto your scrum board.

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