Flexible Trello Backup and Story Card Printing

My Trello Backup Script just got a whole lot more flexible.

I've received a few requests to backup certain fields, or put particular checklists in certain columns, so in Version 2.0 I've changed the way the backup works - rather than backing up a fixed list of fields, it extracts only the fields that match the Column Headings in the Backlog Template sheet. This also means that you have full control of the order of the fields backed up, without having to touch a line of javascript.

Some of the old custom fields that aren't found in the Trello API are still available (e.g. Story Points or Cost extracted from the card title), but if you don't want them, just delete them.

Because of these changes, it was necessary to change the way that the story card generation worked, since the column order was no longer guaranteed. Instead, you now put the column heading in the cell where you want it to appear in the card template spreadsheet, wrapping it in $'s. e.g. to output the Acceptance Criteria, you simply put $acceptance criteria$ in the cell where you want it to go.

Simple as.


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