Tooth Camp Lite

A boot camp for your teeth - helping you stay motivated, entertained, and educated for what are probably the most boring 2 minutes of your day.

The audio contains "homages" to famous movies, genuinely funny dialogue, and useful tips on oral health that all combine to make sure you don't "peak" to early.

3 unique drill instructors (Pun very much intended) lead you through your brushing regime, ensuring you stay focussed on the task at hand without boredom creeping in.

With handy configuration options (brushing duration and order) and built-in notifications it's an app that could pay for itself many times over by way of reduced dental fees.


  • Choice of 3 different drill instructors (Via In-App Purchase) from England, Wales and the USA.
  • Each instructor will, in his own unique way, attempt to motivate you whilst you clean your teeth.
  • Includes tips on good oral health.
  • Countdown timer that can be set to 2, 3, 4 or 5 minutes.
  • Divide tooth brushing routine into 4 quadrants (Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Right).
  • Choose the order you brush those quadrants, or have them randomly selected.
  • Schedule reminders for when you want to brush your teeth.
  • Play/pause by shaking device.
  • Use headset remote control to play/pause/rewind.


What does the app actually do?

It's all about the audio: your Drill Instructor will guide, motivate, and entertain your way through brushing your teeth.

There is an animation to show you which quadrant you should be brushing, but in reality you are better off plugging in your headphones, putting your device in your pocket, starting the app with your in-line remote, and let your Drill Instructor guide you through your brushing routine.

Does the app support multi-tasking?

It does, but the app pauses if you minimise it. This is because the Drill Instructor insists that you focus all of your attention on brushing your teeth, NOT on updating your Facebook status.

Does it work?

I've got one of those fancy electric tooth-brushes that vibrates every 30 seconds to tell you to move to the next quadrant in your mouth. Before Tooth Camp, I used to get bored and stop before the 2 minutes were up, but now I'll happily brush for 3 minutes and my mouth feels great afterwards!

Getting Started

First Things First

Before you do anything, ensure that your toothbrush is fully loaded - if you're not packing, then you may as well quit now.

Choose Your Poison

Select your desired camp from the list available. If that's too technically challenging for you, Maggot, simply press play to proceed to the currently selected camp.

Decisions Decisions

Still can't decide? Select "Random" to be ridiculed by all three instructors.


Once initiated, you will get a countdown to when you should start brushing. This is to prepare mentally for the verbal onslaught that you are about to face. You may also use this time to load your toothbrush if you haven't already done so (slacker).

It Begins

From here on in, you do as you are told. Period.

You will be guided by your instructor(s) as you brush the 4 quadrants of your mouth.

There is visual representation of which quadrants to brush displayed on the screen, but this is primarily for small children, and those of simple mind. Tooth Camp is intended to be an aural experience - if you're looking at the screen, then you're not giving your teeth the complete attention that they deserve.



The settings for Tooth Camp are available from within the app.

Brushing Duration

Sets the amount of time to count down whilst brushing. Can be 2 (default), 3, 4, or 5 minutes.

Brushing Order

Controls the order that the quadrants of the mouth are brushed. Defaults to random, but any order can be manually selected.


Allows the audio to be disabled if desired.


Vibrates the device when it's time to change quadrants. Default is ON.

Note: This is not available on all iOS Devices.


Up to 3 daily reminders can be configured. When touched, these reminders will re-activate the app without having to find and select the app icon.



Make use of the app's built in reminders so that you remember to brush your teeth at times when you will be in less of a rush.


You'll have a much better experience if you use headphones.

Tooth Camp supports the use of a headphone remote to play, pause and rewind the selected drill instructor.

Shake To Play

If you're so inclined, you can shake your device to play or pause the selected instructor.